The Warriors Next Draft Pick Affects Draymond Green The Most

As of right now, nobody has a clue what the Warriors desires are regarding the #2 overall pick. Bob Myers has expressed interest in trading the pick, but nothing appears to be imminent at this point. Lets assume the Warriors keep the pick. Who does it affect the most? It’s Draymond Green.

We know Draymond Green effects the game in a variety of ways. He’s the floor general of the defense, he guards multiple positions, and runs the offense in transition. With that being said, the best way to fully maximize Green’s effectiveness on the court is to surround him with scoring and floor runners.

Steve Kerr likes to offset his starters minutes. Meaning, he likes to keep at least one starter on the floor at all times. This means whoever the Warriors elect to draft will likely get a ton of run on the court with Green. Therefore, that may influence Myers picking a player based on roster fit, opposed to drafting the best available player.

Warriors legend Rick Barry described what he expects from Green next season during his interview on the Plus Minus Podcast.

“It depends on who they get. I like him in the role he was in when KD was here… When KD came in, I said Draymond needs to do this. He needs to continue to play tough individual defense, rebound, and facilitate. If you need Draymond to score 20 points, your’e in trouble”.

The Hall of Famer has a point, the Warriors should be looking to draft a player whose skill-set meshes well with Green’s. They need a guy that can score the basketball with ease, someone who will find open gaps in transition, and a player who will shoot the ball with confidence. But most importantly, they need somebody Green can trust offensively.

Drafting a player with those attributes will enable Green to focus on being the defender and playmaker he has always been. It would simplify his role, and it would give the Warriors second unit the scoring punch they need to contend.

Scoring threats like Anthony Edwards and James Wiseman would bold well for Golden State. Edwards has showcased his ability to score on all 3-levels of the court. Wiseman is great at running the floor in transition and would become a true lob threat with Green pushing the pace.

We don’t know who the Warriors covet in this draft, but bringing in a player that will maximize Green’s influence on the court should be at the forefront of Bob Myers plans.

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