Bob Myers Wishes NBA GM’S Would “Cultivate” Closer Relationships

Bonds among coaching staffs and bonds among players form all the time within the NBA. According to Bob Myers, GM’s have a tougher time forming those relationships.

The Warriors president of basketball operations gave his insight on ESPN’s “The Woj Pod”.

“As an agent 10 years ago I had many more conversations with GM’s and got to know them better than I have on this side. A lot of my relationships were formed and strengthened from the agent side.”

” Coaches compete, players compete, and they still have this kind of bond. GM’s have a harder time with that. We don’t have a GM’s association like coaches and players. We don’t have a way of connecting outside of competing”.

Bob Myers is a firm believer in forming relationships. He has been doing it since his days as a player’s agent. Creating a non-competitive environment for GM’s so they can openly communicate would allow GM’s around the league to build those relationships. Firstly, it would form better dialogue between teams. Secondly, it would make trade discussions much more productive. Thirdly, it would give the GM’s a platform to cultivate bonds that will last beyond competitive discussions.

Myers admits that he “regrets” GM’s around the league are not closer. The best bonds are formed when you share unique qualities. I think it is safe to assume that assembling a professional roster is pretty unique.

Myers hopes that one day GM’s around the league will come together to create a family and fraternity type of atmosphere.

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